Regents heritage aspects will be retained and will be retained in the curriculum of the school,” Koyen said. “It is the intention of our school that we will retain these elements. It is important for our students, our teachers and the students to be aware that while students and parents will be able to understand some of these elements, this is not a complete curriculum.”

natyasastra.comKoyen and the departmental superintendent of schools also issued a statement Wednesday morning in response to a request for comment from a local news outlet, expressing regret that a school policy in place since the 1990s did not protect students from harassment or harm on campus.

“The policy does not state how students should behave or what conduct is allowed on campus,” the statement said. “This policy is the result of student concerns, community consultation and education from our community, many of whom were upset by the school’s actions and many of whom were not aware this rule was in plac바카라e at all.”

Some students have since protested outside of the school and questioned Koyen’s decision to remove the requirement for students to report incidents of harassment to a campus police department. The school’s campus is located in the heart of San Jose, which is also about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, according to Google Maps.

“In my 35 years in the Los Angeles County School District, am the only district staff member who has served as the principal of a school with a zero-tolerance policy for harassment on campus,” Koyen said in the statement. “My hope is that the lesson learned will help prepare our students for all future conflicts, from any type of behavior.”

Koyen said that he is confident that the school will continue to adhere to the new policy.

“For as long as it is in place, we will be a responsible and safe environment,” he said. “School staff is trained to respond to incidents of campus harassment that may be related to the curriculum or curriculum material that is used as the basis of a physical assault and harassment policy. We must ensure that our students feel safe on campus. If that is an issue, I believe we need to look to a policy that protects every student from any kind of action.”

According to a report issued in April by an Orange County sheriff’s deputy, Koyen allegedly touched a student who had been assaulted at a Los Angeles-area elementary school several years earlier. The deputy said it is not known if Koyen has a student in his district, however.

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