Sentences handed down in tauri litchfield manslaughter case

19 January 2017, Wellington, New Zealand:

An Aboriginal man facing charges in connection with the death of a woman in the tauri litchfield died early from complications caused by his treatment in prison, the New Zealand Civil Liberties Union said in a statement today.

Bertram McCauley, 22, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment today, less than a day after police arrested him and another man in connection with the death of 33-year-old Jodi Wilson, who had been visiting with her aunt, sister and brother.

“His sentencing today shows our values and values of compassion, mercy and justice are not lost when we send people to prison,” said Paula Warburton, who is representing the Wilson family.

바카라Wilson was found unconscious in the bathtub on the 14 August after a two-week period of drinking and taking drugs. The four-month sentence for those charges has now been reduced to 18 months.

On 16 September, McCauley received another 18 months for conspirac더킹카지노y to commit aggravated murder – his first conviction for the offence in 18 years.

McCauley remains at Waitemata jail serving the longer of the two sentences at Wellington’s Central Prison.

Wilson’s family also called on McCauley to serve his sentence, saying he should be released immediately without conditions attached. They did not oppose his release because they could see him living a normal life.

They pointed to reports of McCauley’s treatment in jail that were included in the complaint the New Zealand Civil Liberties Union sent to the High Court and argued that conditions of his release should not only protect him but should ensure his mental health.

Carrying an “imperfective mental state”, they said, McCauley had been left to “sleep on the floor in an empty cell in solitary confinement” where he would 더킹카지노spend little sleep and had experienced “severe sexual abuse”.

Wilson’s uncle, John Wilson, said he and his nephew had been hoping for some respite from prison for the last four months. Wilson’s trial was scheduled to begin on Monday but the hearings have now come to an end, he said.

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