Cabin Fever Tournaments

2017 Open Team “Cabin Fever” Tournament
Saturday – March 18, 2016
Geist, Olio Road Ramp


  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be permitted before or during tournament hours. -Entry fee for the tournament will be $60, which includes $10 toward the Big Bass Pot.
  • Launch order will be a first come first serve basis. No pre-registration for this event.
  • You will get your boat number once registered.
  • Number of places will be based on number of boats – 30 or less – 3, 31-45 – 4, 46 or more – 5.
  • Anglers are required to stay in their boat for the entire duration of a tournament except in the case of an emergency.
  • Tournament directors will always weigh-in last, and have another WRBM official weigh their catch.
  • All boats must have a working “kill switch” for the combustion engine, aerated operating live wells with enough capacity to fully sustain a limit of healthy bass. All participants must wear lifejackets and have a properly
    functioning “kill switch” attached anytime the combustion engine is running.
  • Horsepower of your boat may not exceed the maximum horsepower regulations set by the U.S. Coast Guard in their ruling of November 1972. All other safety and boating regulations must be adhered to in all instances. Failure to comply with these regulations could lead to disqualification.
  • Only artificial baits may be used to catch bass, with the exception of pork rind. Fish must be caught in a sporting manner. No trolling for fish allowed and only one (1) rod can be used at a time.
  • If you are ticketed by the DNR and turned into the Tournament Director, you may be subject to disqualification.
  • You must stay 50 yards away from a tied or anchored tournament angler.
  • Limit shall be 5 bass (largemouth, small mouth or Kentucky spotted bass) with a minimum length of 14”.
  • No fish will be weighed if the fish appears mangled, mashed or stringer kept. Short fish will not be weighed but there will be a courtesy bump board available to be used by contestants before submitting their catch. There is a one (1) pound penalty per short fish you submit to be weighed in.
  • A penalty of one pound per minute will be assessed for being late at the end of the tournament. If you are more than ten (10) minutes late, your catch will not be weighed in. You must be between the idle zone buoys and Olio rood to not be considered late at the end of the tournament.
  • Dead fish will be weighed in but a 1/2 pound penalty will be subtracted per dead fish.
  • Umbrella rigs are allowed. They must conform to Indiana state law stated in the 2017 Fishing Guide released by DNR. -Any re-weigh request is at the discrepancy of the tournament director.
  • All tournament director judgments are final.
  • Anglers are expected to exhibit high sportsmanship and boating safety standards and be courteous to people on and off the water at all times.
  • There are no off limits other than areas marked by buoys and/or signs.

Contact: Ben Dietzel (President) @ (317) 250-9075
There is no pre-registration for this tournament.

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