2021 Cabin Fever Tournament

Cabin Fever Tournament Special Announcement:
Come Join the White River Bassmasters as we host our annual Cabin Fever Tournament at Geist. Registration will start at 6:30 AM and boat position will be determined by chip draw.

It’s no secret this past year has been a challenge for a lot of our fellow Hoosiers. As we all know the fishing community has some of the most generous and big hearted people out there who are willing to lend a hand when needed. That being said many of our neighbors, friends, and even family members are hurting during this time so it’s time for the fishing community to do what we do best, step up and help!!
This year the White River Bassmasters are going to incorporate a canned food drive into the Cabin Fever Tournament and donate the proceeds to a local food pantry to help our fellow Hoosiers.
We are now changing the entry fee for the tournament to $60 per boat plus a minimum of 2 canned food items. We would greatly appreciate more than two, but two is the bare minimum to fish in the tournament.
Boat chip # 1 will be pulled from the bucket and will go to the person or team who brings us the most canned goods items! So bring them by the bags!
To keep things simple we are asking for canned good items only.
You’ve got a couple of months to stock up!! Please spread the word and help us make this canned food drive a huge success!