Classic at Rough River Lake – 10/11 & 10/12/2014

Name Number of Bass Day 1 Number of Bass Day 2 Weight Day 1 Weight Day 2 Big Bass Day 1 Big Bass Day 2 Total Weight (lbs)
Bob Foxworthy 1 5 1.2 16.67 5.6 17.87
Jared Schwedler 3 5 1.2 5.38 16.42
Tim Cooper 4 2 9.45 3.34 4.27 12.79
Steve Haas 1 4 1.31 10.75 5.59 12.06
Matt Drew 3 3 4.87 5.64 10.51
Brad Breeden 1 3 1.61 8.85 10.46
Ben Dietzel 3 1 8.1 1.44 4.26 9.54
Cory Drake 1 3 1.24 6.48 7.72
Trey Green 2 3 2.97 4.38 7.35
John Miller 3 1 5.26 0.76 2.37 6.02
David Titara 2 2 2.66 3.18 5.84
Dustin Hicks 1 2 1.73 3.17 4.9
Bob Streib 1 2 1.52 3.21 4.73
Brent Hummel 2 DNW 3.77 0 3.77
Tommy Ross 2 DNW 1.61 0 3.12
Jimmy Lamson 1 DNW 1.44 0 1.44
Rick Martlage 1 DNW 1.07 0 1.07
Kip Miller 1 DNW 0.73 0 0.73

The White River Bass Masters 2015 Classic was held at Kentucky’s beautiful Rough River lake on October 11 & 12. Most anglers arrived a day or two before the event to practice fish and get better acquainted with a lake very few WRBM members knew. This set the scene for a competition that could be anyone’s victory. The weather didn’t cooperate much for the two day tournament. Those who pre-fished were greeted with gloomy skies and light rain. Lake conditions included stable levels with clear water down lake and stained water in the rivers and creeks. Water temperatures were starting to find their way into the upper 50’s. Baitfish were making their move into the creeks. Early dock talk hinted at a real shootout as the grey conditions and moderate winds suggested ideal fall fishing. A decision by the executive committee to allow competitors to weigh-in a sub-15 inch fish, per local slot limit, meant the almost everyone would have something to show at weigh-in. The executive committee also decided to award the top five finishers instead of the usual top three. Each day would also have a big bass pot.
The entire field weighed fish on Day One. Newly crowned Angler of the Year, Tim Cooper, lead with a four fish bag weighing 9.45 lbs. He was seen covering lots of water with a brush hog on the winding lake – zipping between creeks and the two river forks. His bag featured at 4.27 lb largemouth which was the big bass for Day One. Ben Dietzel was in second place after the first day with 8.1 lbs anchored by a fish weighing just 0.01 lbs lighter than Tim Coopers big fish. Jared Schwedler took third with three fish for 5.38 lbs – one that was caught with just minutes left in Day One. Johnny Miller also had three fish for 5.26 lbs -  good enough for fourth place. In fifth place, coming off a win at Brookville Lake, Matt Drew had three fish in his bag totaling 4.87lbs.
With day one in the books, the field of anglers convened in the Rough River State Park lodge for a fine buffet dinner at the restaurant. Tim Cooper was recognized for achieving 2014 Angler of the Year. As a goof, Tim was presented a WRBM Angler of the Year sash and a tiara to wear at future club events. Door prizes from the clubs sponsors were given away to club attendees.
Day Two started bright (actually gray) and early with the field launching in reverse order from Day One. Cloudy skies and intermittent rain persisted into the day with a brief burst of fog passing mid-morning. Some sun was seen in different parts of the 5,100 acre impoundment. Following up on a missed fish the day before, Bob Foxworthy located a school of big females up the north fork that he picked apart with a Senko. His full bag of 16.67 lbs on Day Two along with the single 1.2 lb fish he weighed on Day One combined for a total weight of 17.87 lbs for first place. Foxworthy’s big fish tipped the scales at 5.56 lbs. Jerad Schwedler bettered his Day One third place showing with a limit weighing 11.04lbs for an event total of 16.42 lbs and second place.  Tim Cooper struggled to close the deal finishing in third place. He scared-up two fish weighing 3.34 lbs for a total 12.79 lbs. Steve Haas had a strong Day Two burning a Fat Free Shad on rocks. His bag of 10.75 lbs was good enough to take fourth place with 12.06lbs . Like Ben Dietzel on Day One, Steve’s largest fish was just 0.01lbs lighter than the days Big Bass.  Matt Drew came in with three fish for 5.61lbs. Combined with his Day One weight of 5.64 lbs rounded out the paying positions.