Cabin Fever 2015

Cabin Fever Tournament Rules

WRBM 2015 Cabin Fever Tournament: March 21, 2015

Place Boater Co-Angler Total Weight Big Bass Weight
1 Dyke Hayden 22.52 6.36
2 Price Arnold 16.73 6.33
3 Hampton Roberts 16.63 5.52
4 McDermot Syljebeck 15.97
5 Hopkins Miller 15 7.37
6 Need McWhirter 13.13 5.74
7 Goff Hardy 11.87
8 Penwell Lawson 11.59
9 Wynn Fernandez 11.52
10 Schwedler Kelso 10.91
11 Hackler Cummins 10.33
12 Botos Redman 10.03 5.4
13 York Rains 9.92
14 Drew Titara 9.83
15 Lux Kim 9.74
16 Ross Barkley 9.67
17 Rutlige Newman 9.22 5.1
18 Johnson Peters 8.85 4.87
19 Coe Low 8.68
20 Spain Shaw 7.67
21 Abbot Swafford 7.13
22 Spratt Carrol 7.06
23 Bone Baker 6.55 6.55
24 Kincaid Drake 4.53
25 Pope Pope 2.25

Indiana tournament anglers showed up in full force for the annual Cabin Fever Tournament put on by the White River Bass Masters at Geist Reservoir in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 21st. This year’s tournament brought out a record number of teams according to the officials at Geist.  70 teams made the trek from all over Indiana to chase Geist’s historically good early pre-spawn bite. While the bite didn’t produce as some years have, it was much better than 2014 and still saw some big Geist bass cross the stage.

The team of Dyke and Hayden showed to be the most dominant in 2015.  They brought home the win with a strong 5 fish limit that went 22.52 lbs. The team Price and Arnold came in 2nd by weighing in 16.73 lbs. with only a 4 fish creel. Following them in 3rd place were the team of Hampton and Roberts who weighed in a 5 fish limit of 16.63 lbs. WRBM member Josh McDermott and his teammate Syljebeck came in 4th place with a 5 fish limit of 15.97 lbs. Team Hopkins and Miller came in 5th place with 5 fish that went an even 15 lbs., anchored by the Big Bass of the tournament which was a brute weighing 7.37 lbs.  Overall, 14 limits came to the scales in 2015…up from only 8 limits that crossed the scales the previous year.

White River Bass Masters kicks off their official 2014 season on Sunday, April 19, right back at Geist. If you’re an angler looking for a great club to fish with while competing with some very good anglers then come join White River Bass Masters by contacting